Harry Styles Is Making Statement Ties Cool


Pop star Harry Styles is known for his sometimes off-the-wall fashion sense as much as for his chart-topping hits. He recently gave the market for cool neckwear a boost though, when he wore a black and white polkadot tie along with a blue shirt and baby pink suit jacket when performing on the Today Show in February.

GQ picked up on his choice of a statement tie, noting that the star’s choice to wear this accessory indicates that “the necktie is indeed making a comeback”.

The magazine pointed out that his ensemble was one from Gucci, describing it as having a 1970s vibe, something that the singer has been seen sporting before.

It also noted that this isn’t an isolated incident of a necktie cropping up in a highly fashionable setting - many of the runways at the various autumn/winter fashion weeks hosted earlier in 2020 “were awash with neckties”.

Love Magazine men’s editor in chief Ben Cobb even revealed that not only does he love wearing tie, but that he has a preference for wide ties.

“My preference is for a wide tie with a big knot, slightly undone, accompanied by a strong collar,” he told GQ Style and Grooming director Teo van den Broeke.

GQ’s fashion director Luke Day also believes that the time is right for ties to make a comeback as a fashion accessory, now that they’re seen much less frequently in offices.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal recently pointed out that bolo ties are also growing in popularity, with the likes of Post Malone and Lil Nas X both seen sporting neckwear in this style.

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