Why You Should Add a Pocket Square to Your Outfit


Whether you have an upcoming wedding, an interview, or a date, whatever the formal occasion finishing off your outfit with a stylish pocket square to compliment your beautiful handmade tie and the rest of your outfit can set you apart from the crowd.

When considering what is the point of wearing a pocket square in your jacket pocket, really there is none what-so-ever. It’s purely for sartorial style, it’s a finishing point to your best formal attire. It is almost gloriously pointless, but it can make a world of difference.

It is not a handkerchief. Keep that in your pants pocket, and never use your pocket square for blowing your nose!

Simple detailing with a fitted tailored suit need not break the bank. Men are much more in-tune with how they present themselves, and much more comfortable with experimenting with their style. Much like choosing a tie, a pocket square can be as conservative or as flamboyant as you’d desire, as well as making a mark on your individuality.

To aim for a more conservative look, go for a pocket square a couple of shades lighter than your jacket, a simple pattern, such as polka dot, will add a contrasting highlight to your attire. But do not shy away from adding some sartorial flair to your outfit. The resurgence in pocket squares means there are many different style, colours, and patterns to create a striking appearance.

Soon, you will no longer question if you should adopt the pocket square, but how you should be wearing it. Leaving the house without one will feel as alien as going out without your shoes.

Should you be matching your pocket square to your elegant tie? In short, no. It might seem like a simple matter, but such fashion faux pas are best avoided.

The best route to take is a pocket square that harmonises or contrasts with your other accessories. Pick a pocket square with a colour in the design, if it is patterned, that matches the primary colour of your tie, or for a shade darker than the primary colour of your attire, if it is plain.

Don’t be afraid to stand out, and choose a bright, colourful pocket square, make it the focal point of your outfit. In these circumstances, then the bolder the better; Experiment with vivid colours and patterns, even different materials. The choice in styles and designs and colours is almost limitless.

The many varied ways to fold and wear the pocket square can keep your look sharp and striking. From a simple fold to an elaborate ruff, your choice of styles can say as much as your choice of tie knot.

Whatever your individual styles and tastes, we have a large selection of colourful and commanding handmade silk ties and pocket squares.



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