Quick and Simple: How to tie a bow tie


The quickest and easiest way to tie a self tie bow tie

 We often get hundred of requests on the easiest way to tie a self-tie bow tie in our tie store in London each month. This is usually because bow ties are not worn as frequently as neckties are. We are always happy to teach a new customer how to master this art and most customers are usually very surprised to see how easy it is. We wold like to believe tying a bow tie is as easy as tying a shoe lace or brushing your teeth. Due to doing these so often, it is now second nature.



 Credit to: Real Men Real Style

Steps to mastering tying a bow tie

  1.  Using a silk bow tie - we recommend a simple black bow tie for a black tie event. This could either be a plain black bow tie or with a subtle pattern, polka dot or paisley; however the designs should not over power the outfit. This would be the recommended option for a black suit. We would recommend a red / burgundy or navy bow tie with 
  2. Practising 3-5 times before the big day when you need to wear the bow tie. This makes a BIG difference as it not only takes the pressure off you on the big day, but you will also get to see yourself improve each time you finish the bow tie tying process. The big problem most men face when tying a bow tie on the day of their event is that they will usually have their suit and shirt on and trying to tie a bow tie for the first time like this causes stress, sweating and frustration and as a result leads to most people abandoning the bow tie


Examples from our customers

One of the many customers we taught how to tie a bow tie is Dmitrij (below) who found it so easy to tie that he decided to get married in the bow tie.


For more bow ties like this and our new collection feel free to check out our pre tied and self tie collection. We also include a free business card with our instruction on how to tie a bow tie included:





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