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Black Panther's Record breaking week and menswear outfit choices

by TIE DOCTOR 19 Mar 2018 0 Comments

Black Panther outfit and silk ties

Black Panther has been highly anticipated since the first trailer launched last year . Due to popularity and rotten tomato rating the movie an 8.5/10, I had to head down to see the movie towards the end of the first week of launch, and unsurprisingly, it did not disappoint.

 Black Panther Movie Review

The movie lived up to its expectation and delivered a lot more than expected from the acting, the cast, the multicultural perspectives of different African cultures as well as the accurate representation of cultures. Due to the movie being perfectly written, directed and portrayed creatively this has led to it breaking multiple records and being added to the list of rare movies that have been able to tap into different societal group that are often misrepresented 

Some of the records broken so far

This list is explored deeper via forbes

  • Biggest non-sequel opening weekend
  • Biggest solo superhero launch of all time
  • Biggest-grossing movie (in North America) directed by a black filmmaker:
  • Biggest Fri-Sun opening weekend for a long holiday debut
  • Biggest opening weekend ever for any movie not directed by a white guy
  • Biggest pre-summer opening weekend
  • 2nd-Biggest comic book superhero opening weekend
  • 2nd-biggest Sunday gross
  • 3rd-biggest four-day gross:
  • 3rd-biggest non-summer opening weekend
  • 4th-biggest Saturday gross

Actors and Outfits

In our follow up of the press release of this record breaking movie, the three actors that caught our eye are Michael B Jordan and Chadwick Boseman and Martin Freeman who all played a highly critical role in the movie.

Michael B Jordan


Review: From a menswear standpoint, this is a very simply and effective outfit. Michael opted to go for a darker tone which is perfect for the time of the month and season. Having a double breast suit with a slim navy tie works extremely well. At Tie Doctor, we always recommend and have seen the popularity of skinny ties grow in the last five years and this is a style that should not be overlooked! 


Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman Suit Missing Necktie

Review: Although this outfit looks good on Chadwick, there seems to be something missing and incomplete here. It took me a while to put my hands on it but it seems to be the lack of a necktie and the shoes opted for here. Due to the outfit I would have recommended a black knitted tie to go with this outfit. Black ties are often frowned upon due to being used so commonly for funerals but this is the one case where they can be used perfectly in the situation where the tone of the outfit is lower. Similarly, for the shoes, a simple black oxford  or monk strap shoes could have been opted for here.


Martin Freeman

Freeman who is mostly known for his role in Avengers as well as the series Sherlock has to be awarded the best menswear outfit of all the men from the Black Panther movie. The can be seen in the outfit below

Silk Patterned Ties

Review: As well as opting for a pocket square that does not overpower his suit. Freeman decided to brighten up his suit with the beautiful patterned silk tie similar to our Macclesfield collection range. I love how the tie lifts the outfit up from being dull to being worthy of a red carpet. Orange ties are options often ignored in most men's collection, even the most fashionable but in this case it was paired perfectly.  


We highly recommend those that have not yet seen the movie to go and watch it as soon as possible!!! According to USA Today, Black Panther has now tied the movie Avatar' to win box office for 5 weekends running. It will be interesting to see how this record holds up next week and if the record will be broken.


Please leave your reviews and feedback below on your favourite actors in the movie, your ratings on the movie and your best dressed actors and if you believe the movie is actually as good as it has been made out to be or if it is all a hype?

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