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10 Simple Fashion Hacks for the Modern Man

by TIE DOCTOR 10 Oct 2017 0 Comments


1. Match your tie knot to your collar size 

There are over 177,000 ways to tie a tie but the good news is you do not need to know them all. We highly recommend learning 1 – 4 different silk tie knots as the main priority when dressing proportionately. With these 4 different knots, you should always – as a rule of thumb - Match your tie knot to your collar size – big collar, big knot


2. Match your tie with your lapel width

We spoke about this in our recent article: How Skinny / Wide Should My Tie Width Be? This is because having the same silk tie blade width as your suit lapel width makes your outfit more proportionate.


3. Tailored suit.

 We always highly recommend our customers to get their suits tailored. This could either be a lower-priced suit tailored or a custom-made suit. The effect of having a tailor cater to your exact body type leads to an end result of you standing out from the crowd in the tailored suit. You will look perfect in the fit as opposed to being thrown into a suit which could fit millions of other men.

Tailored vs Non Tailored Suit

 From looking at the above picture, it is important to see that the one thing that is right about the suit in both pictures is the necktie, which we are very happy about. With the bigger suit, the customer opts for a wider silk tie as this matches the bigger lapel in the suit. Similarly, with the second slimmer suit which comes with the smaller lapel, the customer opts for a skinny tie which matches perfectly.

4. Fitted does not mean tight

Having a fitted suit or your shirt fitted simply means having any excess fabric or lengths removed from the piece of clothing in order to ensure the piece of cloth fit more perfectly. We recommend customers to avoid buying clothes that are too tight or getting a tailored fit that is too tight as they can easily outgrow this clothing within a few months; we see this after every Christmas seasons. From the picture displayed below, it is easy to see that this jacket is too tight and the customer does not have any room to breathe and move easily.

Suit Jacket Too Tight


5. Good 'Clean' Shoes

Because a shoe can easily make or break an outfit, it is not only important to have good shoes but also to always keep your shoe collection clean with good shoe polishing kit or with tools like Crep Protect if you are based in countries where it rains a lot. There will be other very good cleaning kits around, all it takes is a quick search on Google, Amazon or Ebay

Shoe Cleaning Kit

For more information on the best types of shoe cleaning kit, Next Luxury has written a great article on this. Top 16 Best Shoe Cleaning Kit

6. Bow Tie are conversation starters! 

Although they can not be worn at all times, we highly urge our customers to pick up a bow tie when attending events as this can be a great icebreaker and a different way to start new friendships and conversations. 

Click here to view our updated bow tie range

7. Don’t wear dress shirts untucked 

This is due to dress shirts being too long and often they crease easily making you and your outfit look very untidy. We recommend either dress smart, casual or smart-casual but being very mindful of the shirt options

Untucked Shirts

8. Prevent sweat stains from sticking with lemon juice

This can be done on a regular basis with lemon juice before washing in the washing machine or by using Daz detergent or your preferred alternative on the area with swear patch before washing.

Lemon Juice Hack

9. Use baby wipes to clean deodorant stains on clothes


10. Ditch The Funny and Humourous Silk Ties

Funny Silk Ties Are Usually Not Funny.

With the exception of silk ties that have humorous prints or seasonal messages (at Christmas), most funny ties are not as humorous as they are intended to be and the messages are often missed by most due to the surface area of the tie being so small. However, this is a tip that should be taken on a light note as life is for living!

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