How Skinny / Wide Should My Tie Width Be?


Context: We often get asked by customers what measurement the blade of their tie should be. This answer often depends on the body type of the customer in question and the suit or jacket they will be wearing with their outfit. Below we first break down the tie measurement in most shops and why most of our silk ties blade are 7.5cm then a follow up is given to why it is important to pay attention to the lapel of a suit jacket as this helps when choosing your next necktie and helping outfit choices to be in proportion


Tie Measurement In Most Shops

When searching through brands like T. M Lewin, Drake's of London and Hackett, we have found that most brands tend to stick to a 7cm - 8.5cm blade as this is the usual range that most men tend to select when picking a silk tie. 

After surveying hundreds of our male clients in Bricklane, London, we have also found that most men usually opt for a 7cm - 8cm tie blade with their outfit as this the option that usually sits best. Consequently, we designed and created our silk tie ranges to mirror this. Before you go off choosing you next silk tie, we have a beautiful visual representation of why it is critical to think of a neckties length and width before choosing.

(c) Black Lapel's Silk Tie Width


How The Silk Tie Width Compliments An Outfit

Most men simply choose a tie based on the design of the necktie. They believe it is simply best to choose a tie that they like the look of and will make this work with one of their blazers and suit jacket. Now, although this is true, it is only half the story. The two pictures below comes from our beloved Suit Supply. This shows how a good necktie can simply look out of proportion when not considered with the outfit.

Suit Supply Silk Tie Proportion

In the first half of the picture, it is easy to see that the first necktie does not sit perfectly well, although both the tie and the grey suit jacket are of very good design. In comparison, the brown tie in the second half of the picture sits better with this outfit because the lapel width is the same width as the tie blade. This is the key reason why we strongly recommend most men to make note of their suit jacket lapel width before making the decision to purchase their silk tie. It may take a little bit longer to make a purchase but it will be a very worthwhile time spent





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