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Pinterest Predicts 2020 Fashion Trends

by Jerone Temp 05 Feb 2020 0 Comments

Men looking for unique ties online to start the New Year off with should consider some of the major trends predicted for this year.

Pinterest has revealed its Pinterest 100 for 2020, a list of 100 searches that have seen a major boost over the past year, and used them to predict trends for the coming year.

Fashionistas should consider the following to make sure they are bang on trend for the first year of the new decade.


Conscious Consumption

The impact of our lifestyles on the planet can no longer be ignored. The past couple of years have seen climate protests force climate change to become a key political issue across the globe, and fashion is increasingly a big part of that.

Whether it is using textiles made of recycled materials, biodegradable materials or just using less, fashion has both had a wake-up call to climate change and also led the way in broadcasting the message that we all need to take part in efforts to save our planet.

Low waste lifestyle saw a 446% increase in searches on Pinterest in the past year, and fashion is a great place to start. Product swaps saw 172% increase and second-hand fashion a 38% increase.


Beyond Binary

Another major movement in our consciousness over the past year has been our consideration of gender, with different analysis of gender concepts exploring gender binary and fluidity.

Fashion has always been at the forefront of gender expression and androgyny has always been cool, but this year should see fashion explore unisex and gender fluid looks. While the past couple of years have looked at how children’s fashion can be made less binary, perhaps 2020 is the year that we look at adult fashion. Could we see shops start to scrap the idea of men’s and women’s clothing for example?

Tuxedo dresses saw a 99% increase in searches last year and androgynous wedding wear one of 51%. Gender neutral haircuts saw a 625% increase in searches too, and is essential to any fashion look.  


90s rerun

Yes, we didn’t think it was that long ago either, but the time has come for a 90s reboot in fashion.

Hip hop parties saw a 322% increase in searches in 2019, suggesting this particular fashion is due a reboot.

If you want to throw the net wider consider that searches for Y2K outfits saw a 669% increase in the past year so look for cargo pants and logos. Searches for 90s streetwear rose 277% and grunge fashion saw a similar rise of 292% in the past year so these are also sure signs a 90s revival is on the way.

Remember however, if you were old enough to wear it the first-time round you are too old to wear it on the second!


Internationally inspired

Interestingly seeking inspiration from abroad is on the rise this year, perhaps reflecting the 90s revival trend emerging?

If you have always wanted to try the neckwear and ties from a different culture then now is definitely the time.

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