Top Men’s Fashion Trends To Watch


At this time of year, there’s always a lot going on in fashion circles with a string of Fashion Weeks to get your head around. In January we had London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks, with only New York still to come in February.

These events look ahead to the autumn/winter season 2020, so while you might be thinking about your spring and summer wardrobes, the major fashion houses are already dictating the kinds of styles we’ll see in stores some nine months from now.

Deputy style editor at Esquire Finlay Renwick pointed to the use of ties and boxy coats in Prada’s show at Milan, as well as the blend of fabrics and colours in its show.

“Around a Rem Koolhaus-constructed cardboard horse, grey-suited and boxy-coated men in ties dominated, but it was the subtle clashes of colour that caught my eye,” he asserted.

One outfit he highlighted had navy, teal, red and purple, indicating that mixing colours is something we can all do more of in the coming months.

W Magazine, meanwhile, picked out a host of trends for autumn/winter 2020. Among them is the resurgence in cardigans in men’s fashion, as well as extra-long scarves.

There was also a plethora of prints on the runways at the most recent Fashion Weeks, with the publication commenting: “Designers this season treated even the wildest prints as neutrals and had some fun mixing them.”

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