What To Wear To Your Christmas Party This Year


With the festive season now in full swing, no doubt your calendar is full to bursting with a glittering array of fun Christmas parties to go to. It’s non-stop at this time of year, isn’t it? As much fun as all this socialising can be, it does make you stop and review your wardrobe from time to time - what on earth should you wear to each event?

Sticking to your usual style is a wise idea, as you want to feel confident and comfortable, and as exciting as the thought may well be of giving yourself an image overhaul right now, you may well find that you don’t feel like yourself when you’re out and about… which can get in the way of all that fun.

It’s also worth thinking about the type of party you’re going to as this will inform all sorts of sartorial decisions that you have to make.

If, for example, you and your colleagues have plans to just get an early dart from work to celebrate with each other and have no grander plans than heading to your local pub, you probably won’t want to dress up in black tie. A tweed jacket, some smart trousers and a pair of brown brogues will definitely cut the mustard in this instance.

A very typical Christmas office outing is either lunch or dinner, followed by drinks - and, again, it will depend on your choice of establishment as to what you choose to wear.

But regardless of whether it’s upmarket or slightly down, you definitely cannot go wrong with handmade silk ties. You can dress these up or down so if you want to look smart but not too overdressed, this is easily achievable with this kind of tie.

Some companies like to really push the boat out where staff parties are concerned, however, and if you already know that you’re going to be attending a lavish affair, then you need to look the part and make sure you follow a formal dress code.

If it says black tie on the invitation, make sure you adhere to this or you could be in line for some angry stares from the head honchos. You’ll need to wear a dinner jacket (look out for something with a silk lapel) but don’t worry too much if you can’t find matching trousers… although you can, of course, shell out for a full dinner suit. Pair your statement dinner jacket with some complimentary trousers and you should look on the money.

But don’t let the dress code get you down - remember that this time of year is really all about spending time with friends, family and loved ones… and they won’t really mind (or perhaps even notice) if your tie is crooked or your shoes scuffed a little. As long as you’re there and having fun, that’s really all that matters!

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